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December 10, 2004

All about the hints...

Because it's the holiday shopping season, we're going to ignore the fact that you already missed buying eight little gifts for Hanukkah and press on towards ways of getting what you want for Christmas.

First hint, buy it yourself.  This is the best way possible.  Bring it home and when your parents or SO complain tell them that you're sorry and sell it to them to give to you for Christmas.  Believe it or not, this trick ALWAYS WORKS because shopping this time of year is such a royal pain in the ass.

Second hint: circle items in catalogs and magazines and leave them scattered around the house/office/bar/etc.  Gotta be careful though.  Circles in Victoria's Secrets catalogs can be misinterpreted; you might end up with that thong, and not the redhead who was wearing it.

Finally, there's the list. Make sure you add variety in both price and type of item.  It's not appropriate to simply sketch out that new movie room you're planning, list the various components and call it a day.  Make sure you've got lots of other types of items, like imported cars, single-malt scotches, leather coats, and the occasional voice activated GPS navigation system.  

Your friends and family will appreciate your making this season a breeze for them, and you'll reap the payoff; it's better to give a hint than to receive something that has to be returned.


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