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December 9, 2004

Adult choking hazard

Holliday fun all too often expects us to dress up. Dressing up, for men in this ridiculous society, involves tying a noose around your neck with a swatch of terribly overpriced cloth. So you're an idiot on three counts, the price you paid, and that you bought a noose, and that you put it around your own neck.

Where is the adult equivalent of that annoying organization that pops up every XMas to tell us what toys will kill kids this year? Who is going to finally stand up and say, that thing could get caught in a motorized pasta making machine, or caught in a rotary saw, or any number of Tarantinoesque ways of getting off'ed by our own stupidity. Who has the adult male's back here?  Nobody! Because it's all about the fashion industries inherent hatred of hetrosexual males in power, that's why.  Rise up you sheep! Throw off the yoke of the fascist fashionista!

And by the way, are the skinny leather ones still out this year?


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