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December 8, 2004

Another Presidential Dress Up Day

Hah! Does chuckles ever look more like a little kid than when he dons paramilitary garb?  The emperor was dressed in desert-tan tanker jacket, doing the good-ole-boy head bob contrite "don't let the terrorists win" speech in front of real soldiers.  Standing there among those who will actually put their health on the line, AWOL boy somehow loses another four inches in height.  Georgie, epilates and all you still don't look like Patton, or even as studly as Dick Van Patten.

Mission Accomplished Bubba.


During his visit, Mr. Bush wore a specially tailored Marine tanker jacket, the all-purpose, all-weather jacket for officers and enlisted men, said Maj. Jason Johnston, a Marine spokesman. Mr. Bush's jacket had custom touches like his name and designation as commander in chief embroidered across the front.  

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