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December 5, 2004

Dream on...

There's a penalty on dreams.  Most don't come true, and yet some do. And when they do, how often are they more trouble than they're worth.

Case in point. Ask any adult guy if, while between age 13 and age 17, he had the hots for at least one teacher. Most will admit to one, if not more than one. The universal fantasy: you'd be asked over to her house, have some lunch, impress her with your unexpected maturity, and jump into the sack for some afternoon delight.

So when it actually comes true, the lawyers and media say poor kid, wicked pervert woman, crazy world. The parents sue someone, anyone. The kid, who probably had the time of his life, isn't really asked how he feels about it.

There's no penalty for dreaming. Just watch out for the ones that come true.



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