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December 4, 2004

Gotta love the press... or maybe not.

Headlines today about Nick Nolte being sued over the rape of a girl at his home.  All of the dozens of articles today do everything to make this into a real trash Nolte piece, including posting an old (and terribly unflattering) arrest picture of Nick, taken from an unrelated case. What you don't see unless you read down into the stories is that the incident was two years ago, and Nolte wasn't at the house.  The rapist was the house security and caretaker guy.

OK, fucking rape is a heinous thing, but more heinous are parents who go after someone who just has the deep pockets, not any guilt.  And waiting 2 years to cry foul? We smell lawyers.


How's that for a lame punch line!  Sorry, we're just angry this morning, running a little short on irony, parody, and hilarity.   

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