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November 27, 2004

Medical Marijuana

How much longer can the anti-marijuana forces continue to push dangerous, expensive, and ineffective chemicals over patients smoking Marijuana? From aids to cancer, our weakest citizens are bullied into the pill and prescription scheme with the DEA hovering on the skyline like the corporate death star.

The logic here simply doesn't scan. Name a prescription pain drug that doesn't have side effects similar to or worse than dope, and we'll just have to call you a liar. In fact, most are actually worse than dope, requiring additional drugs to fight the nausea and digestive problems the main drug brings on. It's bottom line heaven for the drug stores.

Call this one what it is; the pharmaceutical company lobby in "the best government business can buy" simply cutting out the free alternative. Add to that a Federal organization that fails to recognize what many enlightened states have realized; God put that plant on the earth for a purpose.

And it wasn't hemp hats.



Updates are going to be slow-going this weekend, we're just sure you don't want three days straight of us complaining about hangovers and the relative ineffectiveness of home-brew cures. The raw eggs, bitters and tobasco for example... not again on a bet.  

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