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November 26, 2004

National Shopping Brainwash Day

Ho!  There are those DVDs of movies we didn't see and didn't hear good reviews of, but at 5 for $20 we're fighting that red faced blimp of a woman over the last copy of "Jingle All the Way" like we're twin terriers on a sausage.  Its national loss-leader day today, lots of stores having highly-advertised, 80% rebated items which are gone 15 minutes after the Romero movie extras slide open the doors. Its a panic attack or nonsense thinking, did you ever know a shredder or power strip meant that much to you?  Memory?  Sure we need memory even if we're not sure it will fit in our computer - the price is certainly right! Fifty pound bag of paprika?  Can't have enough of that around the holidays.  Look! Ammo for the AK47! Get three of 'em. Never know when the Viet Cong might take over our duck blind after all...

Sure, it's wretched excess. But its the American way. Hey lady, waddle faster - you're between us and the 220 piece Korean made tool kits!



Updates are going to be slow-going this weekend, we're just sure you don't want three days straight of us complaining about hangovers and the relative ineffectiveness of home-brew cures. The raw eggs, bitters and tobasco for example... not again on a bet.  

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