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November 25, 2004

National Narcolepsy Day!

Having a little trouble staying awake right now, too much food, beer, wine, cordials, cocktails and nightcaps we suspect. Don't look for deep Thanksgivings from us today, we're still trying to deal with the whole reverse-evolution thing going on in this country, the subtle drift back into Cro-Magnon with the associated cult-driven abandonment of rational thought, and the drinking is just a well-needed crutch on our slow hobble into oblivion. For the dark vacancy of inebriation we do give thanks.

The plasma got tuned into some holiday television last night and we just had to retch when the TV got stuck on the Kelly, Ruben and Fantasia zombie fest. What a steaming pile of feces that was! Please don't remind us we live in a country where that passes for entertainment. Gonna claw the eyes of of the next fakeo good-ol-person who says "y'all having a good time?" And the whole gospel come to Jesus revival dancing is getting as tired to watch as a mime trying to get out of a box. Who the fuck watches this crap? All we can figure is that the smart people with anything resembling money have long abandoned the bible belt fearing networks and are watching cable. Yeah, we switched over to the Sci-Fi channel's Mutant Beast Movie marathon and watched Octopus and Octopus 2.  Frankly, the increase in mental stimulation was uplifting - we felt nearer to God fer sure.



Updates are going to be slow-going this weekend, we're just sure you don't want three days straight of us complaining about hangovers and the relative ineffectiveness of home-brew cures. The raw eggs, bitters and tobasco for example... not again on a bet.  

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