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November 24, 2004

Early product review

Nintendo DS pretty much rocks the hand-held world.  The two screen thing looked pretty goofy at first, but... it really works.  Touch screen rocks.  The sound is a surprise as well, two speakers spaced out enough from each other that we were able to tell sounds approaching from left and right during play.

Games are pretty sparse now, with the only recommendations going out to Madden Football and Mario 64. The rest are pretty lame.  But you get a sample of the next Metroid in the box with the DS so that's pretty cool.  This thing is going to shine for RPGs and anything where you need to see a map, looking forward to Advance Wars DS!

Come on, you knew we were geeks so don't look so shocked.



PSP is going to have to really come up with some seriously great screens and weight ratio to battery power to make it even a close runner-up to the DS.  Frankly, the PSP looks too much like the old Atari Lynx to be taken seriously, it's got one strike against it before it's even out the gate!  

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