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November 23, 2004

Missed the deadline again!

Damn, we missed the mail-order Turducken deadline again this year.  We never think about this until we're actually making Thanksgiving plans, and that's usually just a day or two before Thursday.

All the mail-frozen-to-you Turducken businesses send the bird out overnight or two-day, but you've got another two to three days of thawing time before you can actually cook the bird.

And we were looking forward to that too.  Well, we're not doing the frying thing after last year's spontaneous combustion incident. What to have?


Oh Raul?


Yes Mr E?

What's in the larder? Something nice for Thanksgiving dinner?

We have the crate of the White Castle sandwich burgers you brought back from the last road trip.  It says "one gross."



Good enough. Call the boys - we're hosting! And by the way, we're out of Blue Agave again.

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