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November 13, 2004

Red Vs Blue

We're thinking of starting a new map feature, given how much we've enjoyed the Red States/Blue States maps of the last few months.  This would basically overlay that same final map from the election with similar statistical revelations by state.

The whole thing got started this morning when we read on Kentucky.com an article that noted that the "moral, conservative, family value" states were statistically higher in divorce than the "liberal, godless, anti-Christian" Blue states.  Wow, could we be talking... hypocrisy?  How shocking!

The education and cultural overlays have been done to death. We already know that the red states are not well educated, and they're more likely to frequent tractor pulls than read a book. We'd like to see some more entertaining correlations, such as:

Oh, the list practically writes itself, eh?

Typically we stay away from graphics heavy pages, but this is one we're really considering...


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