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November 11, 2004

Questions on Thursday

I am again answering your questions.

If the road to happiness is paved with pain, who does this make happy besides the doctors? Mark DZT

    Is it a good pavement? Then maybe drivers?

raul, you speak spanish real well. I am infatuated with guys named raul. is raul your real name? the Evil Bean

    Raul is my name Evil Bean.

Raul, I think that your innocent ramblings here on the front page of E.C may be the most intelligent and insightful reading I've done in many months. If you run for president in 2008, I'll vote for you instead of Hillary. Viva la Resistance! Nick Jones

    I think I can not become the president. I would need to have been born here or have a lot more money.

Raul, do you think that the Misters E would allow me to go drinking with them? They seem like they would be fun to go to a pub with. If not, how would you like to have a few drinks with me? You live in California, right? Then I should be able to find you. Crazy Pete

    They do drink. I think they could. I do not drink. It was a bad thing for me.

There is a band with the name "Raul" in my city that is most excellent. Were you the inspiration for their opus of sound? You should submit a photograph of yourself for their next album's coverart. It could be called "Evil Raul and the lies, shouts and static that make up the democracy of an oil-based nation of greed in the decade of the elephant." Just a working title idea... Rektor - ziotablue.com

    I do not know this band. It would be confused to see them with my name. Good luck with the elephant idea.

How much do the Mr. E's pay you to clean their house? Or do they pay you at all? And, do you have doggie? :)" Mr. Beatty

    I was told not to talk about money. We have two dog.  I care for them.

Raul, have you ever seen the snows on mount kilimanjaro? The Smiling Bandit


Sometimes the vodka makes me worried for you, Raul. Janice renty

    Vodka made me worry about me.

I asked for advice. The answer was "Don't go there." They said not to do it, but I did. Now I've wet my pants. Oh the irony. The Douglas

    It is good advice then.

Raul, im glad you've cleared up my problem. But now, I must know, are you a columnist? sir spoon

    I did answer that question already spoon. I have forgotten the answer.

Raul, are you gay? And do your parents know that you are? Cherokee Jack

    I am usually happy when my chores are done. I think all parents know that.

halo 2 is out now, what score do you give it ralf? Liquid POO

    I do think you are confused me with Ralf. Is he answering on a web too?

you guys are neat even neater than manga! :) (not a sex referrence) killer red

    It is important to be neat. Thank you for your notice.

why am i typing this? why am i even typing this?

    Maybe your employer is gone for a while?

on haloween i had the scariest costume guess what first clue she's a bicht who ripped off people by selling bankrupted stocks!

    Did you get candy? We gave candy.

What happens when the Underlord of the Dead rises in form of a little child, out to kill as many as possible? What happens when the Lord finds evil already in this world? What happens when the Lord comes after you? Underlord of the Dead

    This sounds like the movie we watched on the television.  I think there was a part 2 that I missed. So I do not know. You could try to rent the part 2?

Thank you for your questions.

  We're BACK!  Raul is going to be much too busy cleaning our gear and patching things up to answer any more questions. We met lots of fun folks in America, and may introduce you to some of them in the days ahead.  E.  

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