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November 10, 2004

Questions Today

I am again answering your questions. It is raining here today. I have not heard the Misters E since yesterday. It is quiet.

Raul does it scare you that you are much more well spoken then the guy your people elected? It certainly scares the rest of the world. Tell the masters to come join us up north. Our leaders are just inept not insane and our beer is tasty and plentifull. A Canadian Friend

    I am scared usually.

Raul, are you by chance a funky munky, and did Colonel Mustard kill them with a rope in the conservatory?-j

    I know this one! This is the clue game I got. But then they told me it was not the clue I was to get.  It is confusing.

raul, de donde eres? the evil bean

    Ich bin hier

"Per your request Raul, here's my haiku to the Mr. E's:
Oh Mr. E men
Leaving Raul alone here
Heartless evil lives" Bec Ryan

    That was nice. And also sad.  Is it right to I say thank you?

I haven't turned on my television in weeks. My computer is watching me, and gets jealous if I do. Tarmaque the Magnificent

    Maybe the computer can be turned off?

Si vous ne parler pas le francais, quelle laungue esque vous parle? Et pour quoi pas la francais? Ces une launge tres belle. george

    El idioma es sencillo. El pensamiento es duro.

Raul, I've Always wondered, what is your first language? Can you please tell me? AceGT09

    I am not sure. It is confusing. I think I had no language first. Is not that the way for people?

Raul of course I was talking about pie.I was just saying that I wanted your jucy hot warm pie in my stomach. What kind of fulfilling pie are you raul? Nalani

    Good. I was worried for small time.

Hey heres another good expiriment, lets see when happens when I shove these pencils in my eyes!! OMG I WENT BLIND LOLOLZ!!!! a quote from Omnibus by Antiblaze

    I hope that was a kidding joke.

Raul, you did not answer my previous question, That discomforts me so...Now I must go and buy another whopy cushion to add to my collection and I have so many. Chorbalan

    It is good to have a hobby. It gives you things for free time.

raul, tell me which is a better combination. porn and liqour, or blunts and pizza. nightstryder

    It is something you talk with your doctor. They say that on television.

Why are Democrat supporters aplogizing for not stopping Bush at the polls? Don't they realize that now the apocalypse as a go? Memnir

    If the bush is in the way of the poll then you can prune it. Did you need the poll? Or maybe the bush was put there to hide an ugly poll?

Dost thou playst massivly multiplayer online games? If thou dost not, dost the Misters E? If so, what is the name of it? Lucifer

    This is the only computer I do.

Thank you for your questions.

  We're on a road trip.
Raul will answer your questions while we're out "finding America."

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