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November 9, 2004

Tuesday Questions

I am again answering your questions.

I am a lonly house wife and I craze your accented body. Take me, Raul. The person that kills you.

    Where do you want to go?

I'm in my school liberary and I should be doing a task 4 essay on some quote in relation to Lord of the Flies and Rebecca, but instead I write this message to you. Feel special, Raul, your my procrastination excuse. Necropete and Harry the Possesive Ghost

    Thank you.  It is good to feel special on some days.

why is it sometimes i wake up a week after i wander down to look at the liquor cabinet? And How come when i DO wake up, its with my face stuck to the waffle iron?do you have ANY idea how long it takes for those terrible little squares to pop back out and for one to look normal again? i hate it! that and... where did i put my waffle recipie Raul? perchance you can help me oh one of subtle wisdom Ian Cudmore

    I think you need to eat at restaurants more Ian. You are having trouble with food making.

Have you found Bush's carrots yet? Or just Bush's Carrot Top? Frank

    No. Carrots do not grow on bushes. Carrots are underground plants. Only the tops are outside.

Raul please summarize the Misters E, in haiku. Thank you, that is all. Keith
Am I smart.

     I think that if you are smart then you should do this. I do not know where Haiku is.

Qui est vous? Esque vous appartient a des singes? george

    Ne pas parler le franšais. Je ne parle pas le franšais.

Raul, I like you because you are so oblivious that you are impossible to fool. You would make a good friend. Crazy Pete

    Thank you Pete. It is too bad you are crazy because you sound so smart.

Why isn't life fair? Tyler

    I think it is something with your parents. That is maybe wrong.

Hey Raul it is Nalani I am on some medications too and now I no longer what to make sweet monkey love with you, are you relieved, but I still want pie! Oh how I want your pie! Nalani

    I think you are not talking about pie really.

who's up for moving to canada? tortis

    I can not go now. Later it might be alright.

"if you had to pick a number between 1 and a million, what would it be?

    I think it would be 1.  Was that right?

also, what type of animals have the most character?

    Is it right to say the cartoon animals?  They wear pants and the neck ties.

Thank you for your questions. The Misters telephone called last night. It was very loud.  They said things about things being broken. They said to feed the dogs. And then there was yelling and hanging up. They are maybe on their way back. Or they are finding more things to do. It is not something I know.

  We're on a road trip.
Raul will answer your questions while we're out "finding America."

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