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November 8, 2004

Another day of answering

I am again answering your questions. Many more on a Monday.

Hello again Raul, congratulations on handling all are questions better this time, alot of people seem to talk to you about bush and you handle it well for someone whos english isn't very strong, Good Job man, keep it up and take it easy eh? AceGT09

    Thank you Ace.

How could you have lost america, I mean we are the land of the obese. If you've lost sight of us then you must be blind. Good luck finding the bottom of the bottle. Jared

    Yes Jared. The bottom is right there, on the bottom. Hope that is helping.

Raul are you the misters Es buttler?I think you aren't you can't be a buttler unless your name is Jeeves or Willikins. Chorbalan

    It is being a buttler something I want? I do not know Mr. Jeeves or Willikins.

Donde eres tu? Mexico, Espana, o un otro pais?

    Estoy en casa.

Four out of five terrorists think: "Raul in 2004. Anybody but the misters." I voted for you man. Bawanga Honga

    I would stay away from them. It is nice that you voted for me.  Mr. Aikin won.

"Raul, do the Mister E.s pay you well?
If so, what do you spend your money on?" Bhrome

    Most of my money pays for the taxes.  It is very much.

"If you awnser questions, do you comment statements?
or was there a mouse in the head vase.
Death by botox" pkunk.-.upside over

    I think I do not.

In an infinite universe, it can be logically assumed that everything CAN exist MUST exist. Does this include God, seeing as God is an inherently illogical being? Psi Sushi

    This is not a good question for me.  These questions are not having sense as much.

raul, this is sir spoon, again, i must ask you if you are a communist, because im still having conflicting thoughts about you and your state of loyalty sir spoon

    I am not with the communists.

Hello, I am Nigel McKanister of the British Expodition in New South Whales, and I was wondering if you would be at all intrested in purchasing a white rhinoceros I have aquired over the years. Antiblaze

    No thank you.

Who are you?

    I am Raul.  The Misters E are away.  Thank you.

Did you know the Misters Evil were visiting my neighbourhood? They just stormed through with machetes and took out all of the Bush's. I hope they don't make it to Washington (I do actually). Did nurse say it was alright for them to be drinking? Sophie

    Drinking is something they do. I looked for machete. The machete was lost. Thank you for your help finding machetes.

Thank you for your questions.

  We're on a road trip.
Raul will answer your questions while we're out "finding America."

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