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November 7, 2004

Sunday answers

I am again answering your questions. It is easier today because there are not as many in the morning.

Do the Mr. E's have the right tools for finding this "America" they speak of. I thought the world was flat and that objects would fall of the face of the planet once they reached a certain distance. Perhaps one of those Asian Trade Routes would result in a better profit/ Kernan's a joke

    They did talk about the Asian Trade. Also about the happy ending. It sounded very relaxingful.

to those that let Raul be in charge: drink two for me and a shot of Mexico's finest. i'll get to the bottom of a bottle first. do i hear "chug". Sinicus

    I am not in charge.  But thank you for the kindness thoughts.

hey Raul, how come everybody hates u at evil? is it ur religon? r u an alci? i bet u r. bbb

    I do not think that they hate u.  They are using it all the time.

I want you to then fly away from the ruckuss with two fingers in your hat glidding my sorrows on your insolent makeshift alters. Do with it what you must. Sweet dreams Raul. Sweet dreams ever after ever more apon stars of the children. Smell them. They're fresh. And they're needy.- Nyphai

    I thought I was understanding you but then I was not.

Who did you vote for, Raul?

    This was a question I answered. I phoned for the Mr. Clay Aikin.

No, not Raul. ANYBODY but Raul. Simon

I am sorry Simon.  I can only be Raul.

  We're on a road trip.
Raul will answer your questions while we're out "finding America."

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