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November 5, 2004

You ask a lot of questions

Again I will try to answer your questions.  It is much work.

Hello Raul, You Don't Seem To Enjoy Doing This Often, I hope You Feel Better This Time Around. AceGT09

    Thank you Ace

Hey Raul, I was wondering... Do you you view the corgie dogs and flowers in an unnatural way? Because you certainly seem to talk about them a lot. Melissa Carpenter

    The doggies and flowers are very natural.  I do not talk well. Perhaps that is the problem.

"OMGZZZZORS RAUL YOU ARE TOTALLY R0X0RZ YOU TOTALLY PWN SO MANY N00BS I WISH I WAS YOU YOU AMAZING SEXXY BOY MAN can you actually speak English or do you run all this shit through a translator?
Please repeat I do not understand?" Kane:D

    I do speak english. It is harder to do on the web machine. I am not good. I think I am better now.

Raul! halp me Im stuck DOwn Under and Bush is trying to kill me! Phill wacky_16@hotmail.com Submit

    How did you get stuck? Can you touch a telephone? 911 is the number to press.

why, god, why??!! tortis

    I think you are writing to the wrong web page tortis.

hello raul, i would like to ask if you know what horrendous crime to humanity bush might commit next. I mean last term it was the whole iraq thing so im just wondering what godforsaken idea will take his fancy this term. i think hes gonna try and get us to believe that there is no such thing as global warming and that if there is in fact such a thing it dosnt matter because we were headed towards an ice age anyway. do you concur like a bad furr day? St. steve the satanist

    It does sound like this bush you have has gotten very large and needs to be pruned.  You can find a gardener in the book of phone pages colored yellow.

Whats your favorite type of cookie? Freakshow

    I like the peanut butter cookies that are soft.

Raul, why are your masters so arrogantly opposed to bush? Mike

    It is just that they grow too large when not pruned. Is that not the problem with all bushes?

Raul! Are you there Raul? I am looking forward to your wit and wisdom. Say something wise in French Raul, please.

    Vous n'Ítes pas seul.

Hey, how the f*ck could anyone be ignorant enough to vote for Bush,AGAIN! Phillip Hall

    There is something wrong with your keys I think.  A star got put in one of your words.

"I have a question: What is it exactly that is wrong with G. W. Bush, and can it be cured? Wait, I have another question, is it the same thing thats wrong with the majority of Ameican voters for re-electing him? Just wondering..." Cara Oprah Hempsmoker

    I am not knowing that type of bush. When we have sick plants, we dig them up and replace them.  Does that help?

Raul? why is it that despite the fact that americans consistantly ellect morons, warmongers, and worse, they still insist on going out to other contries and trying to run that country for them too? this mob mentality that seems to run the show in the states makes americans seem the larges body of uneducated arrogant fucks on the planet, how can anyone expect to get away with it? especialy as long as they have? And if you cant answer that for me, most people cant... whats your favorite flavor of icecream, and why? Ian Cudmore

    It is funny. I like peanut butter there too.

Raul, why do such bad things have to happen in this world? Gustavo Adolfo

    I am not sure that they have to happen Gustavo.

I will stop for now.  Raul.

  We're on a road trip.
Raul will answer your questions while we're out "finding America."

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