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November 4, 2004

Hello. I am back.

Hello, I am sorry to be late. The Misters E have left me with the web machine while they are gone.  I am feeling much better about answering your questions this time because I have been taking the classes of language and some of the pro zach medicine since that last time.  The web machine is better now too.  Maybe we will do a good job this time. 

Wow you hate Bush. Me too. Of course I'm you.

    I must prune the bushes every month. It is usually the first Saturday. I do not hate the bush. It just needs to be cut down so it does no damage. It is near too many breakable windows and moves around in the wind.

Why are Americans so gutless and weak? We have once againg let the least qualified person lead us. I am tending to agree on the whole expatriate thing. I hear austraila is nice. Pat

    I think they are weak because of overeating.  But this makes for a big gut not gutless.

Can vegetarians eat animal crackers? Cherokee Jack

    I think so.

Hey Raul why do you let the men here treat you they way they do? i believe that you deserve better. There are millions of people that will treat you better and will pay you good too. But hey how often do you get to work at a place with this kind of domain name? Hmmmm maybe it is worth while. By the way i want to sleep with you. Dannie (don't worry I'm a girl this is just my nick name)

    The Misters take good care of me.  Yes. I like it here.  I think that in saying sleeping with me you are really saying not sleeping. My language classes are helping.  I have to say thank you so I am not rude. 

Raul, Where have you been? The Mr. E's have not been as funny since your mental breakdown last year. Nick Ryan

    Thank you Nick. I will tell a joke for you to keep me funny. How many... wait. I don't remember that joke. Maybe later.

Hey Raul, who did you vote for??? I bet it was Nader! Spleek

    I voted for the Mr. Clay Aikin person.  I liked him better.

Hi, can you find me a girlfriend? Robert W. Kirkpatrick II

    I think I am not the right person for this.  Maybe Dannie will want to not sleep with you?

Raul, do you wear pants? Do you like them? What about pie? Is pie something that you are comfortable with? Have you ever put a pie in your pants? Blaine

    Yes. Yes. I do not know. Yes. No.

Would shooting myself in the head help any? Double D

    Maybe you should take a language class.  That could help maybe?

That is all for today. Raul.

  We're on a road trip.
Raul will answer your questions while we're out "finding America."

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