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October 26, 2004

iN the nAme of pRofit...

tOday's announcement of product by Apple ushered in three new... well, kinda WTF items.

First you can now buy an iPod to show your color pictures on it's tiny little screen.  Apparently the color screen adds $100 to the cost of the device (no idea what it does to battery life). Sorry Steve, the reality distortion field isn't strong enough for this one. 

Second, the new U2 iPod - Black body with red dial because apparently those are the colors used in their next album cover.  Well, of course. When we see red and black from now on we're going to think U2... or maybe 3rd degree burn. At least this one only costs $50 more than the normal model, but it's weighing in at 20GB only.  We only know one guy crazy enough to buy this thing and he's already got the larger model.

Finally, there's the whole "never selling out" U2 guys on - we have to admit, a nicely produced - commercial.  The profit equation probably won them over, they're probably raking in a MUCH higher margin selling their web-only "Complete U2" through Apple's online store.  Enough to turn the head of even the most dedicated iconoclast, eh?


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