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October 20, 2004 -

Loving the Govenator

Arnold says that his support of W cost him two weeks of conjugal visits from his democrat wife. He added that Bush was lucky to only have to debate a democrat three times as he has to do it every morning over breakfast.

He's apparently deeply into the false-self-deprecation these days, adding that democrats don't want "that Schwarzen-schnitzel" to be president.

It's really getting interesting when such a strong candidate starts to cast himself as unfairly smeared. We'd never heard the S-S reference until he brought it up.  Hmmm, S.S.  Could it be a coincidence?

  The conspiracy guys did say they saved the brain after all.  If you were going to put it into a new body, wouldn't you look for one that could bench-press a Volkswagon?  

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