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October 14, 2004

In case you were following...

At times season 3 of Last Comic Standing had some good moments, but was mostly only watchable if you had a digital video recorder and could skip through the exposition and get to the funny stuff.  Apparently not enough folks were equipped to do this and NBC cancelled the show before the last episode got shown.

Surely the killer of this show was the padding. Jay, you are a hysterical host when you try, but the attempt to dramatically build tension in the disclosure of already made decisions was probably what sunk ratings. Like we said, Tivo-skipping was the way to go.

We'd like to defend the show, say things like the business of comedy isn't always funny.  However, the business of comedy isn't always interesting either - or at least it needs more editing to maintain our interest. Season 3 dropped most of the pretense about "the business of comedy" and just showed us a drawn out open-mike night. While they had more than a few folks who could headline, the filler put us to sleep between them.

Anyway, for those who want to watch the unaired ending, tune into Comedy Central on Saturday. 

  Wow, we weren't even that funny in our drawn-out exposition about the lack of humor in their drawn out exposition.  Shit, we need to watch more Duckman or something...  

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