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October 13, 2004

We missed the puppet sex?

Team America World Police apparently cut a racy "puppet sex" scene to avoid the dreaded (and fairly well misunderstood) NC-17 rating.  Although lots of R movies have had very racy simulated sex scenes, with body-double body parts fully exposed, apparently the ratings board took offense at sexually neutered puppet bodies bumping and grinding on their strings.

The really funny thing here is that this kind of self-censoring has only turned out to be money in the pockets of producers and directors everywhere.  The equation runs like this: Three tickets at $10 each run approximately double the eventual price of the DVD, which will no doubt come out "unrated" and include missing "offensive" scenes. This is a bonanza for the studio, directors and producers as well as anyone who has a piece of the DVD pie.

Feel manipulated? Sure. But you have to admit that it's kind of funny that they can turn dumb oppression into smart profit. 


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