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October 10, 2004

Basic Cable Bonanza

Little-watched Sundance Channel is starting to become one of our favorite places to burn time. First, we just discovered they're broadcasting the video of Al Franken's radio talk show. The actual action is pretty boring, but you can just turn it on and listen.  Still it's highly recommended for folks with a forebrain.

But what's gonna literally rock is this Monday's "National Anthem: Inside the Vote for Change Concert Tour," which includes performances by

Bonnie Raitt
Bruce Springsteen
Dave Matthews Band
Dixie Chicks
Jackson Browne
James Taylor
John Fogerty
John Mellencamp
Jurassic 5
Keb' Mo'
Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds
Pearl Jam

(Sorry, we're not hiding links for all those guys, go find them for yourselves!)

Set the recorders, it's 315 minutes long (sounds like Peter Jackson directed, eh?)  Starts with the behind the scenes documentary, which is followed by the final live concert from Washington D.C.

We're guessing the seats reserved for the Bush family will be up for grabs in case you're in the neighborhood.

  We'll be leaving today's post up a little into Monday (ok, maybe long into Monday) so everyone in Computer Lab or logging in from work has a chance to be reminded about this.  

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