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October 9, 2004

Like your drunken uncle at Thanksgiving...

Loveable William Shatner keeps "singing."

Talking to music actually, but the fact that this guy has more albums than William Hung is one of those mysteries of live we really hope never gets solved. 

The latest CD to sneak into record stores is called Has Been. Previous albums used slightly outdated 60's and 70's songs.  This album is chock full of more recent slightly outdated songs.  Shatner teamed up with Lemon Jelly, Henry Rollins, Joe Jackson, Amiee Mann and co-creator Ben Folds.

Yeah, it's scary like the previous albums - like singing uncle has finally climbed onto the wobbly table to sing.  But what's really scary is how compelling the whole thing is.  Kind of like Spock with a beard; wrong, but we like it.  And that's a good kind of scary.


Listening to Shatner hold his own with Henry Rollins in a rant is simply inspiring.  It's nothing you're gonna put on for a quiet dinner, and might be dangerous to listen to in traffic, but could be a great cut to set the CD-clock radio to wake up to each morning.


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