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September 29, 2004

Were we wrong?

Not down in the chips, not by any means, but we're dealt a Ace King suited Spades and the only two guys who stay in are low in the chips, probably not making the next ante.  So after a round of betting and moderate raises we decide to go all-in.  And WTF!  They both stay too! Desperate. So we all show, and one guy has Jack 10 suited Clubs, the other Ace Diamonds, King Hearts.  Feeling pretty good about ourselves. The flop is nothing, 3, 4 and 7, but wait a sec, two of those are clubs! Starting to feel the cloud.  Now comes the turn and it a 9 diamonds.  Sadistic dealer decides to move in slow motion at this point, and the river turns up a five clubs! Clubs! #3 guy gets a flush on the damn river!

 Luckily we only lost about half our chips, but it was only a matter of time at that point before the ante and a pair of pocket fives killed our evening.

Now we could say something witty here about "so kids, don't gamble" but to tell the truth we're already up for another game.  Even when you lose his Texas hold-em is good entertainment value for your dollar, or forty, or two hundred...




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