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September 17, 2004


For over eight years the Onion has been delivering quality fake news via the internet. You can read some of it for free, subscribe for more. With Avantgo you can sync it to your PDA. They occasionally print it on paper as well, but who needs that really?

Fake news has the benefit of delivering the same value as real news, but it typically more funny and closer to the truth. For example, in January 2001, when Bushy took office, the Onion's amazingly prophetic headline read: "Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity Is Finally Over!" Later that year, the September 2001 issues were equally inspiring.  While all the newspapers were being solemn and respectful, casting about for rhyme or reason, the Onion had a headline of "Holy Fucking Shit!" which was shortly followed up by "U.S. Vows to Defeat Whoever It Is We're At War With."

 Now that's news you can use.


A week of literacy...

Because we want to.

A week of "book" recommendations from evil.com. We're going to recommend seven things to read. Obviously things we like and admire. And maybe, even, something to get you thinking.
Because there's nothing more evil than thinking. Right?  


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