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September 14, 2004

American Gods
Neil Gaiman

Neil is the guy who gave you the "new" Sandman years ago, if you're cool enough to know about that we don't have to go any further with this recommendation. If not, let's just say that American Gods is an amazing combination of road-trip, head-trip, and a remodeling of the world's mythology. It's Bullfinch's Mythology comes to Ellis Island, only with lots more action, violence, and did we mention sex?

This baby won the Hugo award a year ago.  It took a while to work it's way to the top of our read pile, we sure wish it was a series...



A week of literacy...

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A week of "book" recommendations from evil.com. We're going to recommend seven things to read. Obviously things we like and admire. And maybe, even, something to get you thinking.
Because there's nothing more evil than thinking. Right?  


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