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September 12, 2004

All Over the World
Warren Ellis - Writer
John Cassidy - Artist

OK, we'll put you at ease. Not all our days are spent with hardback books full of words.  Planetary is a compilation volume of a great Comic Book!

Planetary is about Archeologists of the hidden history of the world.  What kind of history? How about Japanese monster islands, long buried alien spaceships, and the hidden lair of thirties pulp heroes just for starters.  Their motto? It's a strange world... let's keep it that way. We can relate.   


A week of literacy...

Because we want to.

A week of "book" recommendations from evil.com. We're going to recommend seven things to read. Obviously things we like and admire. And maybe, even, something to get you thinking.
Because there's nothing more evil than thinking. Right?  


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