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September 9, 2004

Another Bush Lie...

During his initial 2000 election campaign, Bush said he favored prohibition when it came to assault weapons. Today he stands ready to let the ban lapse. He says he knows how the American People feel about the ban.  Sure. So long as they're American People who make large campaign contributions. Just another mealy mouthed Republican lap dog for the gun lobby.

Look for a complete Christmas holiday line of assault weapons, fixed bayonets, increased clip capacity, and other fine means of reducing our police force, ruining a bank errand, or really fucking up the school day.  Sporting equipment? Yeah, you need some serious metal to kill Bambi.

Gee, thanks George. And when that day comes, complete with a nation in mourning, we're sure you'll end up blaming the Democrats, Bin Laden, or both.   




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