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September 6, 2004

We wanna know where the money is going...

So the FCC fined "CBS-owned television stations" $550,000 for Janet Jackson's pop-out trick at the Super Bowl.

Where does that money go? Does the FCC have a little puritan party for themselves, turn it into the Bush administration as income, or send it off to the idiot opportunists who were "scarred" by viewing the quarter-second incident?  Funny how they never say.

Interestingly enough, CBS announced

While we regret that the incident occurred, and have apologized to our viewers, we continue to believe that nothing in the Super Bowl broadcast violated indecency laws.

Hmm, guess that means they'll have an even more interesting sweeps week for us this year...


If we're talking scarred, how 'bout the FCC bringing down some tough love on $.50 for just about any performance where he's continually checking to see if his penis is still attached...?


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