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September 3, 2004

Honor Labor, Get Drunk and Slack Off...

Who the hell thought up "Labor Day?" Let's set aside a day to honor labor, which means... just about everyone.  OK, like this is the day when retired folks and the filthy I inherited my millions rich spend some time in reflection on all the great stuff the rest of us have done for them?  Um, interesting thought but when it comes to gratitude the got mine retired and rich just aren't on the big contributors list.

We'd suspect it was one of those Hallmark made-up holidays, like Secretary or Grandma's day, except there are no greeting cards for Labor Day.  The only benefactors are liquor and barbeque supply stores, and their lobbies aren't all that powerful. No, much like the Republican convention, the origin and benefit of Labor Day is a mystery lost in history.

So have a great get drunk and build a fire weekend. We'll be slacking off with the rest of you, probably late with the updates and failing to get new shouts out. 


Come to think of it, the shouts do go a little faster when we've got a bottle in hand.  Maybe there will be some new ones come Tuesday....


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