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September 1, 2004

Nixon, oh sweet Nixon...

It would take a foreigner to recall the days of Nixon, those crazy commie hunting, Vietnam napalming, Hollywood blacklisting, plumbing and Watergate halcyon days of lies, repression and fear... with such fondness.

And it would take someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger , wrapped in his Terminator vs. the Girly Men cloak, to recall the debate between Nixon and Humphrey as the turning point in his decision between being (still then in Austria) either Republican and Democrat.

And it takes the whole thing one step further into La La land because Nixon and Humphrey never ever debated.

Perhaps Arnie was watching I Love Lucy.  Seems that Ricky and Fred got into quite a few long arguments...


And when did he marry Skeletor anyway?  Man that woman has cheekbones like death!


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