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August 31, 2004

Last day of summer...

We know we're the darling of all you K-12'ers stuck in computer lab.  Yeah, we've been banned in schools almost as much as your favorite porn site has. So this one goes out to all of you, either back in or almost headed off to school, props to you. Just by faking it through graduation you'll be earning 40% more cash when you graduate than those who haven't got the guts.

Here's the real scoop. If you leave school now, you're trading about 6 hours of classes, some of which you can actually sleep through, for 9 hours of work at minimum wage. Let's not forget the fact that you can spend part of the 6 hours checking him/her out, trading CDs and MP3s, hooking up on the way home, and other things that your parent's won't admit they did either. You'd have to be some kind of idiot to make that trade. It's a "welcome to the trailer park" kind of deal.

Education, yeah it's OK. It sure beats the alternative.


A quick shout out to Mix Master Max +DJebulous. Yeah, we're big fans of the Deschain Posse.  We'll be commenting on all seven when number seven comes out on the 21st.  


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