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August 28, 2004


We think we know what's wrong. We're ill because we keep hearing Bush talk. And if it's not Bush, it's some weird looking moron who believes Bush's lies and blathers on about how we need his experience in the White House. The whole thing must be wearing on our immune system.  We can only imagine what it's doing to the country at large.

Listen, if it ever turns out that there are too many pony kegs or lines of coke in the oval office, then we'll need "Bush's Experience." Until then, we'd do better with a chimpanzee carrying a magic 8 ball.

Did we mention we're still sick? Fuck this is annoying.

  "I'm a war president" said the turtle.

"No you're not" said the hare "you're a slow, scaly turtle.".

"Agents, arrest that bunny!" said the turtle "He's a traitor!"

...and the rabbit was never heard from again..

...but the turtle did go to hell in the end.


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