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August 25, 2004

Bush Finally *mumbles*

Standing in a dirt road, dressed in jeans, boots, and an open shirt collar, and flanked by an inappropriately dressed collection of flunkies, man of the people (who own corporations, oil interests, munitions, and media) George W. Bush finally mumbled "Mr. Kerry served admirably and he ought to be proud of his record."

Pow! Take that soft money flunkies! Consider yourselves fully slapped on the wrist! W came right out and said fundamentally nothing to take the steam out of his own plumbers squad of demented veterans.

Moving right along with the rhetoric of nonsensical almost-statements, he added that "soft money is bad for the system."  We can only assume that the fiber value here has been bad for his digestion, and eating so much of it has been the reason he's been spending so much time on the potty.

Yeah, that's probably what he wanted us to come away with.


And isn't Condie Rice looking nice these days? Sure is great to have a strong black woman in a position of authority.  She'd tell the boss what was up if he got out of line on defense, right? No kowtowing to Mr. Big White Corporation there! 


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