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August 17, 2004

They Saved Bush's Brain...

Gotta keep an eye open for new movie Bush's Brain. Apparently it tells the scary story of a mad scientist named Karl Rowe whose experiments against nature turned a bunch of hick parts into a monster candidate for president. Key to the story is the destruction of anything in the monster's path, but not by the monster's hands, by rabid and obsessive manipulation of facts and false information.

The funny thing here is that, hyperbole aside, it is dead-on accurate representation of the movie.  From Reuter's Kirk Honeycut:

The film's thrust is twofold. First, that Rove manufactured Bush: He turned a former president's underachieving son into a politician who looks and sounds like a viable candidate and grasps enough of his minder's notes to stay "on message" no matter what question gets thrown at him.

The film's second and more depressing but not surprising point is that Rove is a foremost proponent of the current political obsession with not simply defeating one's opponents but destroying them. Which, as the filmmakers see it, is exactly what Rove, an otherwise personable fellow, has done his entire political life.

Manufactured, looks and sounds viable, enough memory to grasp minder's notes, destroying opponents... sure sounds like Frankenstein's monster to us. Unfortunately for W, Frankie was more sympathetic. 

  Also hoping for "They Found Cheney's Heart", but not holding out much hope...  

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