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August 16, 2004

Not screwing around today...

The son of a friend is shipping out to Iraq this week.

This is a child, still incomplete in life's experiences, with parents who have raised him from birth.  Those parents instructed him, guided him, befriended and fought with him, held him when he was sick, commiserated with him in failure, and reveled at his accomplishments. The child, now at the height of his short life, leaves the parents and goes off into harms way. There are few things more frightening, few things sadder.

As much as this war sucks, as corrupt as the regime is that manipulated a population of sheep into buying their bullshit and stamping their lies certified, as insane the long-term prospect of pain and suffering for the natives who can't understand how to accept a new and better way of life is, as horrible as all that... we have to occasionally put it aside and recognize the bravery of those who volunteer to serve. They are bigger than the forces put in motion that caused this event. They serve. It is their choice. We honor that choice.

Stay safe soldier. Come home whole soldier.


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