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August 11, 2004

Jeffrey Lee Parson's Virus ...

Terrific, they caught the guy who respawned Blaster in last August's virus attack.  The reason he did it: "'At the time, I wasn't exactly sure."

OK, that fucking kicks it right over the edge. Three years in prison is too good for mindless freaks like this. And the fact that he looks like Ralphie Mays from Last Comic Standing isn't going to win him any sympathy points either.

The judge sums it up nicely.  "Mr. Parson is not a normal teenager. Mr. Parson isn't going to be like other teenagers, who can take the family car, go to parties, go to the beach."  We could only hope to add; "Mr. Parson is likely to be the dream date for one or more inmates of some less-than-well-run correctional institution."


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