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August 6, 2004

Proper respect for veterans...

We pay much respect to those who went off to be tools of any war our country decided to fight. Seriously, whether you went on your own choice, or drew a low draft number, we respect the fact that you served.  That's a real stand-up thing to do, and you deserve to be recognized for that. 

But veterans, you aren't sacred. When you act like shit heads, you can still be called shit heads.

Case in point, a bunch of lying bastards calling themselves the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." These are obviously Republican tools so foul that many Republicans are distancing themselves from or condemning them.

In case you haven't been paying attention, a quick Point/CounterPoint recap:

SBVfT say they "Served with Kerry"

None were actually on his boat or unit.

SBVfT say Kerry films fake

Kerry videos were home films, like anyone would shoot, and have never been represented otherwise.

SBVfT say Kerry's a traitor for speaking out against Vietnam, that he betrayed them.

This last bit of idiocy seems to be running rampant among the Republicans, and particularly Republican veterans, who are particularly quick to spit the T-word out against anyone who was smart enough to see what an immoral mistake and just incredible fuck-up Vietnam was for this country.  But saying Vietnam was wrong for this country doesn't mean we don't respect the veterans who served.  And those who fought against the war weren't betraying those who fought the war.  You guys need a dictionary and a couple of days detox.  Everyone recognizes you were just tools.  You didn't choose your enemy, you were shipped over by the government, and the government is the target of criticism.  Taking on criticism of the war as a personal attack on you is an incredibly bloated act of self-importance. It's an insufferable act of egotism. Of course, that's only if you actually believe all you say.  If you don't actually believe what you're saying, if you're doing this just because you're a Republican with a hard-on for Bush that goes beyond reason, well then you're nothing but a lying sack of shit.

So to summarize: much love but shut the fuck up.

  Hey, how come we haven't seen any films of Bush during the Vietnam war? Is the market for "Girls Gone Wild" videos already saturated?  

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