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August 4, 2004


When the media pushes something this much, you know its going to disappoint. You can tell when a movie is going to flop by how many times an hour you see the commercial for it on TV. You can tell how much fast food is going to suck by the number of free coupons in the paper. And this GOOG thing is all over the press right now.

Google's impending IPO is backed by all the stories of their four-year employees becoming millionaires. The subliminal message is "hey investor, want some of this?" Whereas the real meaning is "hey investor, want to make that Google employee a millionaire?"

Thanks, no. 

  Most IPOs restrict employee sales for upwards of a year after the stock goes on the market.  Google is letting their folks sell right away. That's going to make for a very interesting beginning...  

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