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July 31, 2004

A bunch of stuff from readers for July 31st...

I got talked into taking a boo at the SCA (http://www.sca.org/) recently. Specificaly their fight practice - who would have thought that haveing someone swing a big stick and try and hit you, while you try to do the same to them could possibly be so much fun. seriously though? i reccomend it. the people were all realy helpfull, and had both a lust for life, and what they do. somthething we dont see a lot in the modern society. Realy the only way to look at it is that the people of America are just as much slaves as the serfs of the middle ages. the only difference is that modern people seem to think they are free from their all powerfull opressors, - like microsoft ~Ian Cudmore

well fuck your favoritism or non favoritism and fuck your monopoly on the evil.com URL. there is far worse shit out there much mroe deserving of this. this is cynicism, not evil. there's a difference. and really, evil (if there is such a thing) can't be effectively conveyed through the internet anyway. fuckles. -- r0y_gerb1l for the last goddamned time.

this site ticks me at the site. i love it so much what are your names? u ppl are brilliant i swear! i love you. the clucking pringles man is staring at me and i wanna clucking beat his clucking @$$ dont you hate it when you try to talk to innatimate objects and they dont answer u back? i beat a lampshade once cuz it didn't say hi back. oh yea, im pregnat!!!!!!*****Becky MO.****

There aren't going to be any posts by our readers. We lied. We do that to you. It was a case of too many posts, too little readability. That said, we'd like to add that we really do miss Bill. He reminds of us a time when listening to our Chief speak didn't make us want to consume rancid hamster milk. Kerry just seems slightly slimy and we still don't know where Bush came from.

  Any wonder we're confused... ?

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