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July 30, 2004

A reader writes for July 30th...

Surveillance Tape Transcript: 1/23/04 5:51 pm


Sometimes I wish other people had seen it. Maybe if there had been other witnesses someone would have believed us. At least then I'd know I'm not crazy.

But no one did.

They keep giving me these pills that keep my brain from working. I try to think but it just feels like I need my morning coffee all day long.

Coffee doesn't help either. I tried that during the first week. Just kept drinking coffee. Cup after cup. Must have drunk four gallons of it by the time I started feeling sick. You really know you're sick when you throw up pepto bismol. Doesn't taste any better the second time either.

I used to be famous you know. Well, sort of. I was going places. I had fans, lots of fans. More fans every day. I was headed for the top. Probably still have fans out there somewhere.

Nobody believes me, but I really did see it. You believe me, right?

[At this time there was a pause of twenty or so seconds.]

Why don't you ever say anything?

[Another pause, during which Richardson became agitated.]


[The patient began to violently attack a nearby lamp at this point, and had to be subdued by orderlies. Doctor Philbin recommends we up his dosage 5 mg.]

-Wheeler Pryor

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