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July 29, 2004

A reader writes for July 29th...

Ok, I have found undeniable truth that The Lord of the Rings was stolen from another movie. The movie is called The Keeper of Time and if you look at the cover of it you will notice the simularites between it and the cover of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Its amazing. I always new that that movie was too original not to be stolen from a bad "B" film now available on DVD. Its crazy , I was at the video store and they were siting right next to each other. You wouldn't believe it but like those dating website commercial I used 27 points of references between the two and they were a perfect match. I started questioning the Lord of the Rings when I saw the hoaky cartoon version of the film from the seventies. So to restate Lord of the Rings is actually a rip off of the film keeper of time. ITS CRAZY TALK. Jake H.

  OK, maybe this one was a mistake.  

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