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July 24, 2004

Back to the cave Aladdin...

Free speech as long as it agrees with the boss' politics.

Linda Ronstadt praised Michael Moore in a performance at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino this week. Aladdin casino president has made her persona-non-grata there because of it. There's more to the story, but take the short version: The Aladdin management are dumb weasels. We just look at that kind of crap and laugh.

For us, as readers know we love and frequent Vegas, it's just put the new Aladdin on our "who the fuck cares about that place" list when our posse tours the strip. We can tell you up front, the rebuilt A was a sorry piece of shit anyway. We didn't go there to drink, gamble, or enjoy the lame tumbling acts in the "Moroccan square."  We did enjoy Hilo Hattie's, and our shopping sprees at their Fossil store are well documented, but both stores are found elsewhere. One thing they seemed to have more of than anyone else: surgically altered rich Euro/Asian trash. And while it's amusing to watch Sheik Bubba's trophy wife #3 stumble across the pseudo-authentic cobble stone in her stretch pants and FM pumps, it's just not worth the stench.

Remember Assladin, the secret word is sesame. It's how folks get out of your cave.

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