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July 19, 2004

Pod People...

Assuring a steady stream of outmoded devices be available via eBay, Apple today launched ANOTHER rework of it's iPod music player.  Same old features: smaller, new UI tweaks, and more space at a lower price.  Ho hum, no innovation.  If you're feeling like Apple is releasing new iPod models every 15 minutes, you're not alone.

Apple is quickly becoming more Windows music company than Windows computer competitor.  Check out their home page today: three music links, two computer links - one of which is actually for an overpriced monitor, and the other for an OS "point release" that isn't really there yet. So much for think different.

  Frankly, if you used the last full sized iPod version, their "3rd Generation", you have to wonder if Apple screwed up the UI on purpose so that annoyed users would have a reason to buy the next one.  They basically made buttons so sensitive and positioned to change songs every time the player is picked-up. And don't get us started on the lame "integration" of BMW and iPod.  That sucker failed the shit test 30 seconds into investigation  

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