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July 15, 2004

No Slim-Fast for Goldberg...

Wow, you'd think a big corp. like Unilever would be paying attention when they hired Whoopie to hock their Slim-Fast shakes. Did they think they were getting some corporate toady? Did the FLORIDA company not see this coming?

Apparently they didn't like Goldberg calling der Fuhrer "a cheap thug and a liar."  But what really killed the spokesman deal for W was the threatened boycott of anti-fat products by conservative groups. 

It's probably the right move by Unilever from a business standpoint. You gotta admit the glassy-eyed dumbass drooling me-too ditto-head conservatives who make up the whacky right are usually BIG targets for weight loss products.

  The Bush administration called the fundraiser in question "a star-studded hate fest." Like it's some kind of negative that people are getting together to say how much they hate the current administration? Some kind of traitorous activity? Hey Georgie, they don't hate America. Repeating what they say is  not a condemnation of them, it's a condemnation of you. They LOVE America. They hate you. Listen closely to this: YOU are NOT America. You can't twist that around when thinking people are listening.  That's out in the open so you just gotta deal eh?  

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