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July 13, 2004

The 4400...

We call deja-vu on the new USA network's The 4400. How many shows can it completely rip off?

First you've even got characters on the show making references to Close Encounters, the 4400 premise takes all those time-lost folks coming off the mother ship still wearing the period piece costumes they were abducted in and follows the "what happens next" idea.  Then the SciFi Channel's miniseries Taken gets swiped with the strange little girl whose powers scare the adults around her. We've got the insurance guy who shatters stuff with his mind is right out of Scanners. And the FBI guy and Science chick from X-Files.  This thing should be much better than it is given the source material.

Finally, and most eerily, you've got not one, but two instances of silent montages while Ivy's "I Worry About You" theme plays. That music was used earlier this very year as the opening theme for Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital! The song is over three years old, it's not like it just showed up and both shows decided to grab it.  Don't the producers watch TV and check for that kind of screw-up?

OK, so we liked it despite all that.  We'll give it a couple more episodes to decide if it's worth the effort... 


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