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July 4, 2004

Say a prayer for America...

We have to join with so many and say a prayer for America. Please protect her from her enemies. We speak of those whose professed patriotism is used to strike out with hate, to make these pseudo patriots feel superior to other nations and people, and of those of those who build hatred and fear into our lives to protect the interests of big business and corrupt governmental structures.

We pray that this nation of sheep will wake up and bite the hand that feeds it mind numbing diatribes and jingoistic unthinking obedience. That people will start to think for themselves and not be led along a political path because they want to be on the "side of the winners" like it was some retarded sporting event.

We pray for enlightenment, the recognition that church and state are rightly and forever separated, neither to influence or rule the other. That again sheep will look up at the faces of the shepherds and judge their fitness.

Yeah, and we pray for some form of spontaneous combustion to take all the country and western "musicians" off to that better place they yammer about.  That would be the capper.

Much love from the road - The Misters E

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