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July 3, 2004

Skipping a day...

Every now and then you just gotta skip out on some responsibilities.  We did that yesterday, the 3rd.  You're reading this on the 4th at the earliest, as part of the archive to see what you missed.  We're on the road, really busy, but we'll throw something in here that you might find amusing so the investigation isn't totally pointless.

Observation: Bumper stickers seem to slow cars down.  Check this out for yourself.  No really fast cars are laden with rants and raves from their owners.

Observation: Only idiots would put really radical statements on their cars. Because there are other idiots out there who would gladly damage said vehicle because it's owner shared "views with the devil."

Observation: The further you are away from stores that sell really good electronics, the more likely you are to encounter the first two observations.  The presence of a Wall Mart makes it that much more likely.

Observation: Good dental care, regardless of the cheapness of a toothbrush and paste, is also sadly missing in too much of rural America... we'll get back to that later.

Much love from the road - The Misters E


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