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June 30, 200

Running out of cats...

OK, so the next "point release" of Apple's OSX is named Tiger.  We're not even calling them "codenames" any more because there's no secrecy (as if there ever was at Apple?) over the upcoming products.

So, we've had Puma, Panther, and now Tiger.  So what's going to happen when they run out of impressive single word cat names?  Can't use Jaguar - they've got too much money. Do they move to the less impressive cat names, like Bobcat (unless Golthwait sues), or more awkward like Saber Tooth or Mountain Lion?

Nah, we suspect a move to a completely different class if not phylum.  OS X: Tuna, or perhaps OS X: Vole.  These will be the releases where the sheer lack of new function to justify an upgrade will be matched by a name that isn't so pompous.  It's a coordination that's been a long time coming.


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